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Android Disco Ball

hundreds of thousands laser cut reflective glass squares cut, shaped and stitched to create this one of  a kind pieces for Executive Entertainment, Dubai. The two dancers costumes were custom made and reflect laser light to create a dazzling array of sparkles like a disco ball hence the name. Van der Haer worked hand in hand with Ghanati couture's talented tailors to bring her vision to life.

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Van der Haer X Art Exhibition, D.I.F.C, Dubai

Heroe$ & Villain$ exhibition highlights as fashion met art directed seamlessly by House of Van der Haer when Dollarsandart trashed 'The Silent Bride' live. Photo credits Analog Production as the short film gets underway with Art tours for the public all day Sunday 19th April - all welcome! Thanks to RIRA Gallery Mercedes-Benz 3Doodler Piper Tribe Coco jalila Fragrance Du Bois ELEQT Cle Dubai DIFC Community Chestertons MENA

Movida Halloween Night, Dubai

Van der Haer was responsible for  setting up the Halloween night and styling dancers and over 30 members of Bar staff for their event. The theme selected was C.S.I: Crime Scene Investigation. With the dancers styled as Dexter murder victims, the Hostesses as sexy cops and the bar staff a mix of C.S.I members, bloodied bandaged victims for waiters and S.W.A.T team Bar Staff for the P.R's .

Van der Haer then decorated the club venue with C.S.I tape, artificial body parts, evidence bags, fake blood on the bathroom mirrors, and frozen ice was used to serve drinks to guests. Overall, the success meant it was a dead good night!